More squares, vicar!

Dear quilters everywhere,
If any of you heard about the drones quilt and thought, “what a good idea!” and then life took over and no square happened, fear ye not.

We’ve had so many requests for the big quilt – eventually 13m x 2m – that we’re making a smaller one. Unfortunately, there are more than enough names to make many many quilts, so making another, more portable quilt won’t be a problem…so long as we have people like YOU to make squares and prayers.

Names of civilian victims are available here. If you’re making it as part of a group project, in the interest of trying to cover as many names with as fewer duplicates as possible, please let me know which list/source you’d like so I can tell you if someone’s covered it yet.

What to make:
A square of material (something sturdy-ish but not denim/leather)
with the name of a drones victim
your name
and prettiness

Adding the age of the victim and yourself is optional. For a few ideas, see the homepage.

Then send it to:
Drones quilt
Peace House
19 Paradise Street

Don’t worry if art isn’t your thing. What matters is remembering civilian victims as people and not statistics. Let’s make this thing beautiful!


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