FoR Peace – nonviolence in action

Oxford is such an active town, it’s like a sparkle box of engaged-ness in a sea of tweed. On Saturday, we took the FoR message of nonviolence in action to their “One World Fair” and spoke to loads of people.

The timing of the event meant we were plugging two things shamelessly. 1) Carol concert and 2) Mini drones quilt. Because people have busy lives, we took as much of the effort out of making a square as possible. We provided the material, a spare bit of fabric for sewing on in pretty shapes, instructions and a freepost envelope. We got one back immediately from the lovely folks at the World Development Movement next door to our stand and gave out about 20 to others who said they’d like to get involved with the project. We also gave out badges with our fancy new logo on, proudly stating “FoR peace – nonviolence in action”, one of which we gave to a lady for whom it was the first peace movement she’d become a member of, that day.

We got an updated list of drones strike casualties from the bureau of investigative journalism, so this time we were giving people a name from the list in the hope of not duplicating too many.

If anyone would like one of these packs and receive the name of a person for whom to advocate, then drop us an email at

FoR Icon Logo Square
FoR peace – nonviolence in action since 1914


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