For the smaller quilts we are currently making, names are being taken from a new list provided by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. If you’d like to make a square, to receive a person’s name email This is to prevent duplicates.

Below is the previous list, so that people can have an idea of how many civilians are killed in drone attacks – as well as seeing the quilt, of course.

As we find the names of drone attack victims in literature and on websites they get added here. There are links to websites or PDFs where you can find out more details about each incident; some are very detailed, some tell you next-to-nothing. The list is nowhere near complete. Partly, this is because deaths are covered up and misreported – all males aged 18-65 are classified as combatants if they’re in a “military” zone for example – and partly because the army can hide statistics on the pretence that to make them public would endanger national security. If you have any information to add to our list, then please e-mail Emma AT for DOT org DOT uk.

The family of Shakeel Khan


Ahmad Samih Shehadeh al-Halabi, 19, Rafah

Baha Samir Abu Zuhri, 19, Rafah

Adham Hamdi al-‘Adani, 19, Deir al-Balah

Yousef Taysir Sha‘ban, 19, Rafah

Shaban ‘Adil Hunaif, 17, Rafah

UNRWA security guard, name withheld on request, Gaza City

Ne’ma Ali al-Mughari, 18, Rafah

Wafa Marwan al-Dasuqi, 18, Khan Yunis

Mahmud Majed Abu Tyour, 18, Rafah

Hisham Nahru Tal’at al-Rayyis, 24

‘Allam Nahru Tal’at al-Rayyis, 18

‘Abdallah Munzer Jawdat al-Rayyis, 20

Ali Marwan Abu Rabi’, 18, Gaza City

‘Imad Ahmad Muhammad Samur, 32

Ashraf Sayed Khamis al-Dabbagh, 28

Ahmad Ibrahim Kheleh, 18

Muhammad Majid Ibrahim Ka‘bar, 17

Rami Sa’di Dib Ghabayen, 23

Bilal Suhail Dib Ghabayen, 19

Mahmud Nabil Dib Ghabayen, 13

Wissam Akram Rabi’ ‘Eid, 13

Muhammad Basil Mahmoud Madi, 1

Mahmud Khaled ‘Alayyan al- Masharawi, 12

Ahmad Khader Diyab Subayh, 1

Shaza al-‘Abd Muhammad al-Habbash, 10

Isra Qusai Muhammad al-Habbash, 12

Jamila al-‘Abd al-Habbash, 14 (wounded)

Mahmud ‘Amr al-Habbash, 15 (wounded)

Muhammad ‘Amr al-Habbash, 16 (wounded)

Mu’min Mahmoud Talal ‘Allaw, 10

Muhammad ‘Allaw, 13

Iman ‘Allaw, 8

Rawhi Jamal al-Sultan, 24

Hussein Mahmud al-Sultan, 23

Abed Samir al-Sultan, 19


Zeerek Khan, 4, North West Pakistan

Maria Khan, 3, North West Pakistan


The father of Noor Khan


Tariq Aziz

Waheed Khan


Maut ullah Jan

Sabir ud Din

Kadaan ullah Jan

Maezol Khan


Kareem Khan’s son and brother


Noor Syed, 8


Abdul-Rahman al Awlaki, 16

Shakira, 4

Sameeda Gul (injured), 6

Syed Wali Shah, 7

Naeemullah, 10/11


This is a list of children killed in Pakistan and Yemen- click on the link above to read.


The brothers of Salim al-Barakani


Mohamed Saleh Al-Suna, 55

Saleh Ali Ba Zyad (wounded)

Saleh Abdulfatha Hamid (wounded)

Abdullah Mohamed Hamid (wounded)

Hamza Khaled Ba Zayad (wounded)

Ali Hassan (wounded)


Nassar Salim, 19


YEM075 on

Majed Ahmed Abdullah Awad – aged 26

Salem Mohsen Haidar al Jalladi – aged around 35

Adeeb Ahmed Ghanem al Doba’i

Mohammed Abdullah Saleh Hussein

Munir bin al Haji bin al Assi,

Ahmed Abdullah Ahmed al Shahari

Salem Abdullah Ahmed Abkar

Hussien Mubarak Ahmed

Abd al Rahman Motahhar

Hafez Abdullah Mubarak

Mohsen Ali Salem

Amir al Azzani


YEM077 on

Wael al Dhai


The son (4) and daughter (6) of Ali Al Amoudi


Hussein Saleh


YEM112 on

Walid Abdullah bin Ali Jaber

Salem Ahmed bin Ali Jaber


The parents and sister of Ahmed al-Sabooli

Abdullah Muhammad Ali AlQadari, 25

Mabrook Mouqbal Al Qadari,13

Nasser Salah, 60

Raselah Ali, 55

Daolah Nasser, 10

Abdullah Ahmed AbedRabbo Robich, 28

Saddam Hussein Mohamed Massad, 28

Ismail Mabkhout Mohamed, 30

AbedalGhani Mohammed Mabkhout, 12

Masoud Ali Ahmed Mouqbal, 45

Jamal Mohammed Abad, 30


SOM001 on

Annoymous civilians


SOM003 on

The son of  Mohamed Mahmud Burale


Afrah, 9

Zaydah, 7

Hoda, 5

Sheika, 4

Ibrahim, 13

Asmaa, 9

Salma, 4

Fatima, 3


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