This website has comprehensive lists of drones strikes, who they killed and who fired them. It has excellent data on civilian casualties and is easy to navigate.

Not only does this provide reliable lists of drone strikes and crashes, it also stays up-to-date with drones appearing in the media or in parliament, providing detailed reports on them.

A great array of pictures and resources.

Reprieve campaign about on many issues, but mainly around the death penalty. An excellent place for that kind of context to drone warfare. Great also for general interest.

  1. Ruthie Sakheim said:

    Sorry to be a dolt, but I would like to choose a name and make a square, and am not sure how. I got to the list of names, but how do I find out more about the person, or know if someone has picked that person already? Ruthie

    • Hi Ruthie,
      Don’t worry, it’s a good question! You can pick any name that’s up there- some will be replicated on the quilt but that’s ok, it’s too difficult to regulate everyone picking a different name as squares are coming in from all over the place all the time! There are links in the names page to info about each victim and the strike that killed them but the information is patchy because its so hard to collect- records are not properly kept by US and UK forces and local administration is also irregular. I hope that helps, any other questions let us know!
      Jessica (FoR)

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